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    How to check online from FmGateway !



      How to check online from FmGateway !

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           Hi there,

           I built program based on FileMaker to the cusomer for his service center and He needs to allow his customer access from website to check the order status online.

           I want to write down all what I installed in the customer:

           1- FileMaker server 12 standard not Advanced.

           2- FileMaker pro in Citrix Server to allow all users in Citrix server access within this shourtcut.

           3-I purchased Hosting From FmGateway, this website specialist for Hosting FileMaker.

           4- I purchased API from FMStedioPro for use it in Dream Weaver extaination to make connection with FMGateway Hosting.

           The Customer give me real Ip for this task.

           Is there anyone help to do my important task?

           Please I need help to do it.

           Is there anyone did like this task before?


           Thank you.