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    How to manually uninstall FM Server 10



      How to manually uninstall FM Server 10

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      My FM Server started misbehaving after a power failure (a process called 'java' owned by 'fmserver' started hogging 100% of the CPU) and I decided to reinstall the software.  


      The FM Server documentation states that, on a Mac, one should use the Installer app to uninstall Filemaker Server.  However the Installer crashes immediately when I try to launch it (the icon bounces a few times and then the standard Apple crash dialogue appears).  


      Could someone tell me how to manually remove FM Server?  If not I'll need to wipe the disk and reinstall the OS.  

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          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


          If you have already found a solution, then disregard this post.


          If you have purchased FileMaker Server with a CD, insert the CD and double-click the installation icon.  After entering your Mac user name and password, select Uninstall and proceed from there.


          If you cannot launch the Installer, then reboot the server, make sure no other applications are running, and try again.



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