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How to reinstall FM Server 13  - URGENT

Question asked by gcatnine on Jan 23, 2015
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How to reinstall FM Server 13  - URGENT

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I had an installation of FMS 13v5.

Because there was problems in loading FM dbs from a client computer (unable to access the server), I decided to uninstall the program and reinstall it.

But now it is impossible to install FM Server because the installation is looking for the Advance Request Routing v 2.5, but one of the upgrades has installed version 3.0 (the same you find in the Microsoft site).

So, the installer just exit without checking if there is a new version of ARR installed. Amazing!

I do not know how to uninstall the ARR 3.0 and I did not find anything to do that.

Is it possible that to reinstall FM Server 13 I have to reinstall the OS?

Does Filemaker realize what they do when they release the installers?

Any suggestions?