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How to set up multiple printers

Question asked by JacquiProut on Jun 4, 2015
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How to set up multiple printers

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I have a small database that catalogues items that my company keeps in an off-site storage facility.  I need to print in two formats to different printers.

Printer A is a standard office copier printer on the network, which I want to print a couple of layouts to and are A4  inventory style lists

Printer B is a local printer attached to my USB for printing small roll feed labels.

I can set up layouts as required but if I print some labels to printer B the next time I want to print an A4 layout it has saved the label printer page setup details and prints only a very small part of my page. around 4" x 2 "

What can I do to stop this from happening, while I have the skills to fix it, some of my coleagues are a little less computer literate.