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    how to set up ODBC connection?



      how to set up ODBC connection?

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      Hi I have a question,

      At our company we have bought Filemaker ADvanced server and now we want to set up the database on there.

      Well that is not a big deal.

      Only the database connects to a MySQL-database on a different server.
      On the FMS I installed ODBC-driver MySQL 5.1 and it can connect to the MYsql server.

      Now I only need to activate/implement the ODBC connection to the active database.
      And there is my question. I opened the database on a client PC and tried to select the ODBC connection but then I cannot see the required connection.
      On the FMS we do not have a FM-pro installed at the moment, so therefore I tried it via the FMnet on a different PC.

      I would like to know how I can connect the 2 databases on the server.

      thanx a lot.


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          Me, too.  Hope you get a detailed and clear response.

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            I haven't had the need for ODBC in a long time, but find myself in a similar situation. Have you searched about whether the other machine requires OBDC driver[s] as well? 

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              dirk van Looij:

              Thank you for your post.

              "mps1773" has the correct assumption.  The ODBC driver will also be needed on the machine that is getting the data.  Therefore, make sure the client machine is also set up with driver so it can see the database on the remote server.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Hi dirk van Looij,

                I just wanted to add another troubleshooting step to try.

                I'm posting under the following assumptions but please correct me if I'm wrong:
                A.  The installation is on a Windows machine ("I've tried it.. on a different PC")
                B.  The issue = The System DSN pointing to MySQL does not appear when adding a data source in the File > Manage > Database > Relationships tab > Add ODBC Data Source window or the File > Manage > External Data Sources window

                Please verify the following:

                1.  On the FileMaker Server machine, Go to Administrative Tools > Right click on Data Sources (ODBC) i.e. the ODBC Administrator > Properties 

                Look at the target path of the ODBC Administrator.  Is it launching the file ODBCad32.exe?

                If not, we're probably using the 64 bit version (not tested or certified) located by default in the Windows > SysWow64 folder.  To get the 32 bit version, walk to:

                [DriveLetter] > Windows folder > System32 folder > ODBCad32.exe file

                You can copy the ODBCad32.exe file into the SysWow64 folder and then set the path to this file as the default ODBC Administrator path.

                Try creating a System DSN in the 32 bit version by launching the ODBCad32.exe file and verify if it will now appear in your list of ODBC data sources while in FileMaker.

                Hope this helps.
                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  I also have the same problem.  I followed the steps above but still not working.

                  Filemaker 11 Advanced Server is hosted on a Windows 2008 R2 server.  MySQL ODBC version is 5.10..  There are windows and mac workstations connected to the server. 

                  Original installation was on a Mac OSX server and there was no problem with regards to ODBC and MySQL connection.  We moved the Filemaker Server to a windows machine to make use of the "Single Sign On" capability of Filemaker. Won't work on Mac servers.

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                    everybody, I figured it out.

                    For FMS advanced 11 I installed MYsql ODBC 5.1 to connect with MYsql 3.51.

                    Further I installed a FM pro version on the same server as FMS advanced.
                    I stopped the database on the server and opened the database in FM pro.

                    In FM pro I build/made the conenctions, via scripts (imports SQL data) and via SQL tables build in the database.
                    This I tested it all in FM pro on the server and it worked.

                    Then I started in the FMS advanced the database again and scheduled the SQLimport scripts on the FMS.

                    since than it worked.