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how to set up ODBC connection?

Question asked by d.vanlooij on Mar 4, 2012
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how to set up ODBC connection?

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Hi I have a question,

At our company we have bought Filemaker ADvanced server and now we want to set up the database on there.

Well that is not a big deal.

Only the database connects to a MySQL-database on a different server.
On the FMS I installed ODBC-driver MySQL 5.1 and it can connect to the MYsql server.

Now I only need to activate/implement the ODBC connection to the active database.
And there is my question. I opened the database on a client PC and tried to select the ODBC connection but then I cannot see the required connection.
On the FMS we do not have a FM-pro installed at the moment, so therefore I tried it via the FMnet on a different PC.

I would like to know how I can connect the 2 databases on the server.

thanx a lot.