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How to track more than one technician

Question asked by user14040 on Apr 10, 2013
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How to track more than one technician

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     Hi I created a solution that tracks equipment repairs  what I want to do is track each technician's service report.


     I have two technician on a field report and I am  able to track the first technician's reports but when I use the second drop box it does not show the field reports it only tracks the first technician.


     The relations I have is

     ServiceTechnician2:TechID :: ServiceReport:technIDfk

     ServiceTechnician5:TechID:: ServiceReport:technIDfk5

     On the Technician layout (Technician2 table) i am using a portal which is set to ServiceReport Table

     How do I get Technician5 when selected to show up on the technician layout?


     Technician 1 :Joe

     Technician 2 :John

     Both are on the same job, each name is selected in the drop down menu, what I want to see is the field report listed on John's technician page right now it only shows up on Joe's technician page.