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Howto use Filemaker Server 10 using existing PHP

Question asked by Kroot on Nov 27, 2009
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Howto use Filemaker Server 10 using existing PHP

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I'm a newbie with PHP. I am trying to install Filemaker 10 server advanced on a Windows 2003 Server machine that already has the latest PHP installed together with FastCGI. IIS is setup and running (that is.. i can get a phpinfo() page without any problem). I installed FM 10 Server Advanced with the "Use existing PHP" option. It loads a very simple test database and in the Admin console everything looks ok.

However. If i try to open the home.php (or index.php) from my browser, all I get is Page Not Found errors. Somehow i need to tell PHP to actually use the Filemaker API but i have no idea how to do that. All the FM Manual says it needs work, but nowhere does it state WHAT to do to make it work.


I did the other way around on a different machine and let Filemaker install the PHP for me, but i was far from satisfied with this. The simplest of queries resulted in isapi errors, so i updated it to use FastCGI which is recommended by everyone at This solution seems to work sortof, except for the random server 500 errors it throws, especially when using the newPerformScriptCommand function (which by the way only works if you change the execute function in Command.php from &execute() to just plain execute())


Can somebody please explain all the steps i need to make for the FileMaker API works?

(i'm guessing i need to do a LOT in php.ini and probably set some windows variables)