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IIS Application Request Routing Error During Install

Question asked by brammers on Dec 10, 2013
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IIS Application Request Routing Error During Install

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     Still having absolute nightmare of a time getting this software working...


     I asked the server team at work to create me a brand new server, running 2008 R2. All working fine. Added IIS as a 'Role' - all working fine.


     Tried to install FMS13 and it fails during the installation process with the following error message -


     "IIS Application Request Routing (ARR) is required, but FileMaker Server was unable to download it. Either connect to the Internet and try again, or manually install IIS Application Request Routing (ARR)."


     Well, i am definitely connected to the internet, so that isnt the issue.


     Also, I tried manually downloading and installing ARR 3.0 (as 2.5 is no longer available) and it makes no difference at all.


     Surely I cannot be the only one having this issue?


     All and any advice or help would be greatly appreciated...