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    IIS vs. FM



      IIS vs. FM

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      Folks, I'm really having a hard time getting going with FM Server. I have FM Server 10 Advanced, installed on a PC (ugh) running Windows Vista with SP1. 


      I can't seem get web connections to go to the database.


      If I open a browser and connect (either remotely using the machine name or IP, or on the machine using localhost), it only pulls up the default IIS welcome page. 


      If I go to localhost or the machine name or the IP with /fmi/iwp/ appended to the end, then it prompts me to download an unknown file named IWP.  


      In the Server Admin panel, I have IWP turned on and I have green lights across the board.  


      FMPro worked great - very easy - but I wanted the greater than 5 simultaneous web connections.


      Any ideas or suggestions (other than "get a Mac" - when I can, I do).  

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             First are you using IWP or CWP? Second, are you able to bring up the sample served file using the "Test Page" ( you can find it under the FMS Admin console menus)
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            I'm using IWP (or trying to...). I don't know what CWP is (I see that there are XML, PHP, XSLT...). 


            In the FM Server Admin Console, under Administration, then Databases, I see the FMServer_Sample.fp7 database listed, with checkmarks across the board, and a status of normal. 


            If I click on the button to open the test page, it goes to [IP]:16000/test, and a page opens up with links, including one to test IWP by opening the sample database. However, if I click on that, a dialog box opens up prompting me to save a file named cgi... 

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                 What does the error exactly say.
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                I'm not sure what error message you are referring to. Attempting to connect via a browser simply brings up the default IIS page. 



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                     The dialog referencing the cgi.
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                    Ah, it says:


                    File Download - Security Warning

                    Do you wnt to save this file, or find a program online to open it?


                    Name: cgi

                    Type: Unknown File Type, 233KB



                    [ FIND ] [ SAVE ] [ CANCEL ]


                    While files from the internet can be useful, some files can potentially harm your computer. If you do not trust the source, do not find a program to open this file or save this file. What's the risk? 



                    The IP address, of course, is just the server. The browser is running on the server, pointing to The link on that page to test IWP points to 


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                      some wild guessing ...

                      how many web sites are on your vista machine? more than one? if yes, filemaker server only can install itself in the *first* website that appears in the list shown in your iis managemant concole. in this case, make the first website to fit to your filemaker server, then re-install filemaker server and test again with the first website.


                      but pay caution ... de-installing and re-installing filemaker server resets your iis to a state *before* having fms installed. so don´t wonder that after deinstalling and reinstalling fms changes to your iis have changed.


                      greetings from germany