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IIS vs. FM

Question asked by yetanotherwebaccount on Jun 17, 2009
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IIS vs. FM

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Folks, I'm really having a hard time getting going with FM Server. I have FM Server 10 Advanced, installed on a PC (ugh) running Windows Vista with SP1. 


I can't seem get web connections to go to the database.


If I open a browser and connect (either remotely using the machine name or IP, or on the machine using localhost), it only pulls up the default IIS welcome page. 


If I go to localhost or the machine name or the IP with /fmi/iwp/ appended to the end, then it prompts me to download an unknown file named IWP.  


In the Server Admin panel, I have IWP turned on and I have green lights across the board.  


FMPro worked great - very easy - but I wanted the greater than 5 simultaneous web connections.


Any ideas or suggestions (other than "get a Mac" - when I can, I do).