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      My users are accesing our FM Server from the web and need to upload Excel files.  I know IWP doesn't support importing but after researching it looks like I can use a server side script to import the files.  Is there a way to create a hot folder that runs the server script whenever a excel is uploaded?  Or is there a way to trigger the script to run after the upload is complete?  Has anyone done this or have ideas?

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          How would your users upload the file to this folder?

          A server side script might be possible if it could be set up run a script for this at regular intervals such as once every hour.

          The script would have to check the folder for files and import any found. It'd then need to move or delete the files found there so that it wouldn't be able to import them again the next hour.

          Not sure if you can get a plug in to work with the server schedule performed script to return a list of the files in such a folder. (And there's only a few folders from which a scheduled script can import data so this won't work unless you can figure out a way for your users to upload their files to either of these:

          <Temporary Path>/file.csv
          <Temporary Path>/Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/Folder4/file.csv

          (You can move files around in fileMaker by inserting them into a container field and then using Export field contents to export them to a different location. Export Field contents with a file path, but no field can be used to delete a file.)

          Haven't used it and others have complained about the cost, but you might want to investigate the third party product: SuperContainer.

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            Thanks for the reponse.

            I was going to have them upload the files outside of FM, probably a php upload script.

            Ultimately the users need to acces the data from iPads.  The workflow was going to be go to website, upload files, then sync the ipads.  The users will be in areas without wifi or phone access.  If IWP supported importing this would be a slam dunk but sadly it doesn't.

            If I run the script to check every 5 minutes or minute do you know if it will slow down the server?

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              I think that would depend on the size of the files.

              You probably have already considered this, but by installing FileMaker Go on your users' iPads, you wouldn't be limited to IWP and you'd have a number of options not possible with IWP for getting this data into the hosted database.