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Import using path on the server in script.

Question asked by JasonH on May 29, 2009
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Import using path on the server in script.

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I'm starting to think there isn't a way to do this but maybe someone has a neat trick. I'm using FMS10 on my web server. Via an action within filemaker the web server builds and saves a text file. I can put the file anywhere on the web server. What I would like is to have a script step run via a button that will import a file from the server. Here's the flow:


User connects to FMS via remote FMP and uses the built in browser.

A text file is created on the server.

User clicks a button in filemaker and the text file is imported.


I can do all of this if I create a network drive but I'd prefer to save having to do that. Any trickery to do an import with a path relative to the server files? I see you can setup a timed script on the server that will do this, but I need it on command.