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Import/Export issues

Question asked by PeterDurant on Aug 23, 2013


Import/Export issues

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     I'm trying to add a nearly identical database to my cloud server running Server Adv, but it never seems to work. The file is mostly a replica of one currently being hosted, here is what I am doing.
     1) I Upload the most recent backup of my file from the server (at a hosting company) to FMP Adv
     2) Make a copy of the database using Save Copy as command
     3) Open the file and delete all records from the main table (other tables have information I want)
     4) When I close the database Filemaker compacts the file without me asking (I don't know if that is somehow a problem)
     5) Download the database back to the server with the new name.
     But the download never seems to complete, always gives me an error and can never be opened.
     Any ideas?