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    Imported jpgs show in Mac FMP 11 client, not PC client



      Imported jpgs show in Mac FMP 11 client, not PC client

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      I'm running FM Pro 11 server on an Apple Xserve 10.6.8, FMP Server v

      When I access the served database on a Mac, I see imported jpgs.

      Put when I access the database on a Win 7 PC running FMP 11 v3, it shows blank fields only saying 'The file can not be found, xxxxxxxxxx.jpg'

      The Mac share is mounted on the PC, and the user has access to and can even open the imported jpgs. So it is not that the user doesn't have access to the pathway.


      Scratching my head...

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          Sounds like the file path inside the container field is mac specific and that's what I would expect here. If you want to see the actual filepath in use, define a calculation field, put the name of the container field as the sole calculation term and select "text" as its return type. Put it next to the container field and size it so that you can see 3 or four lines of text.

          You'll find that the filepath for your imported images start with "imagemac:" as you appear to have used a mac to import the references to the image files. You'll also see a file path that refers to ta volume name.

          Now insert a "store a reference" image file on your windows machine.

          You'll find it's filepath starts with "imagewin:" and probably includes a drive letter instead of a volume name.

          to resolve this issue, you'll need to use a method for displaying the image on both platforms.

          One method is to set up a calculation field that returns "container" as its return type.

          Set up a calculation that checks your platform and then combines a platform compatible first part of the file path with the rest of the filepath as stored in the original container field.

          You can use the original container field to insert or import images from either platform, but use the calculation field to display the images on both platforms.