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Importing Certificates

Question asked by jcooper on Feb 25, 2015
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Importing Certificates

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I'm trying to import an SSL certificate from godaddy.  The CSR was generated elsewhere (it's for various subdomains one of which is our fms; it was actually renewed and we're setting up a new server too so we'd like the new certificate on the new server).  So, I have the crt file and I have the intermediate file. I also have the key from the server that made the csr in the first place. I've manged to get them all loaded on our other servers (apache, etc), but the fmsadmin certificate command baffles me.

The documentation says "The CERTIFICATE IMPORT command combines this file with the certificate file returned to you by the certificate authority." "This file" seems to refer to the key. However, the example command "fmsadmin certificate import c:\Documents\signedCertificate.crt" only includes the certificate. How does it know what key file to use?

Also, the examples seem to use pem files; do I need to convert my crt files to these first?

One last thing: how do I include the intermediate certificate?

SSL chains and certificates seem to be where VPN was 10 years ago as far as who-knows-what: those who understand it know so much they have a hard time explaining it to people who don't; but the current implementations require you know it in some detail.  If someone could post an actual example of all needed commands to import "signedcertificate.crt" and "intermediatebundle.crt" and the key into FMS, it would be hugely appreciated by me and I imagine a bunch of other people here too.