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Importing Excel files in Web direct

Question asked by edward.hung on Jun 16, 2014


Importing Excel files in Web direct

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     Currently I am attempting to create a hosted FMP13 database on a shared cloudserver which my company clients can access to import Excel files into FMP tables, which can than be accessed remotely on FMGO to be imported into a stand-alone system for data entry when not connected to WIFI. 

     I am having several issues with my solution:

     1) Is there a way to allow the user to manually select the import file and still import the data to the specific field? Or do I have to restrict the import file name to say 'data.xlsx'?

     2) If not, can I somehow add excel files to container fields and then import the data via the container field?

     I'm just lost with how to import excel files through web direct. It's easy on FMPro Advanced but I would like to avoid my clients having to purchase a copy of filemaker.