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Importing multiple tables into a clone

Question asked by bkolb on Dec 4, 2014


Importing multiple tables into a clone

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I have a FileMaker version 11 server and users have been telling me for weeks that things are really slow.  Nothing on the actual server seems slow, but clicking between layouts for users can take over a minute to change.   I called FileMaker support and was told it's likely corruption and they pointed me to this article on how to fix things:

Where I am having problems is with one of my layouts.  It displays data from several table.  (see attached image.   Most of the layout displayes data from the LORDER_ table while the pink circled part pulls from a 2nd table and the orange circled portion from a third table).   When I first export the data it is exporting from the LAYOUT.  However, when I them try to import in to the clone I made, it pulls into the LORDER_ table.  This means that the circled parts have no fields into  which I can import the associated data.

I realize I may not be using the correct terms here but I think I'm close.  Is there a way to do what I need to do?