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Importing XML in server side script FM SERVER 10

Question asked by ProZachJ on May 22, 2009
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Importing XML in server side script FM SERVER 10

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I have been importing orders into my dbase by having my ordergenerating software export an XML document and using an XSL transformation to import from a client running fm pro 10. The DBase is hosted on FM server 10 so I had this dream of automating the importation so that the person processing orders is no longer stuck clicking the import button.


All Along I have been dropping these files into the server documents folder and then the script from the client would go get them.


However when I converted the script over to run server side it doesn't work. my log looks like this:

2009-05-22 14:56:11 Server Events Information Schedule "Test" running.

2009-05-22 14:56:11 Server Events Information Schedule "Test" has started FileMaker script "XMLIMPORT".

2009-05-22 14:56:11 Server Events Information Schedule "Test" scripting error (718) at "ImageFlowDevelopment : XMLIMPORT : Import Records".

2009-05-22 14:56:11 Server Events Information Schedule "Test" completed; last scripting error (718).

2009-05-22 14:56:11 Server Events Information Schedule "Test" scheduled for 05/23/2009 02:51 PM.


This is confusing me greatly; I know 718 is XML parsing error which makes no sense because I am certain both the XML and XSL files are formatted properly because I can import them client side.

 Anyway If anyone has any ideas i would appreciate it.


Here is the simple version of the script. If I could get this one import working I could build from there i am sure





set error capture [on]


allow user abort [off]


goto layout [serverorderinformation(orderinformation)]  *this is a dedicated layout for server scripts. no triggers/formatting


Import Records[nodialog; "file:" &Get(DocumentsPath) & "15498_XMLTemplateTest.xml"; "file:" & Get ( DocumentsPath ) &