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    Incorrect Web Server IP Address FMServer 13



      Incorrect Web Server IP Address FMServer 13

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      Hello, I'm trying to get webdirect working on my filemaker server and I noticed in the admin console that the IP Address listed under the web server section is incorrect. This causes the webdirect test page that loads to have an incorrect URL, leading to a connection time out. When I go in and manually change the URL the page loads perfectly. My question is how do I change the URL registered with the web server/ if there is any way to do this. 

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          Daniel Peck:


          Thank you for the post.


          The FileMaker Server 13 Test Page for WebDirect should be using the local address, which you can also find at the top of your Status Pane in the Admin Console. 


          Please check your external address at whatismyip.com 


          Let me know how these addresses differ and if either of these addresses match what you are manually entering into the URL.



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