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Installation files for Filemaker Server 5 - Windows

Question asked by KannyLambert on Aug 28, 2012
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Installation files for Filemaker Server 5 - Windows

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Hello there Community.

I work at a IT Management company in Stockholm Sweden and one of our customers old old server just had a RAID crash. On that very computer were their database of all their customers.

We managed to save the data by sending them to this company that restores crashed RAID volumes. The bill for that were over $10,000

The problem i am faced with right now is that when i call FileMaker support they tell me that the support of Filemaker Server 5 has expired. (not a very big supprise there)

The tough part is that they dont have any installation files for FileMaker server 5 available to download and our customer cant find the installation CD. We got tons of client installation CDs but none for the Server. Right now i am running the 5.5 Trial, but FileMaker has pulled the plug on the activation service Cry

I have the Serial number for the server but nothing to install it with.

After mailing with the support a few times he gives me this tip to ask here at the forum if anyone got a copy of it that they can send me.

So thats what i am doing here.


PLEASE does anyone have the FileMaker Server 5 For Windows (or 5.5 might work, i dont know. a confirmation on that would be appriciated.)

If so, ill buy you a beer! and maby a bowl of snacks with it.