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    Installation nightmare!



      Installation nightmare!

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           I am trying to install FileMaker Server 13 onto my computer.  After deployment, I get to the Status section that contains two error messages:

           1.  Another copy of FMS is already running with this license.   BUT IT ISN'T!!  I downloaded the FMS program to my other computer, but never installed it.  In any event, I uninstalled everything I could find on the second computer that even mentioned FMS.  And I uninstalled and reinstalled FMS on both computers several times.  No dice - I still can't get past the error message.

           2.  I also get an error message that FMServer_Sample database could not be closed because it is incorrect state: Closed.  I don't have a clue how to deal with this.

           Any ideas how to deal with either or both of these problems?  I've been installing and uninstalling for two days now . . . and just might be losing my mind!



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               Perhaps take the machine on which  you assume FMS is NOT installed off the network. Then access the admin console from a browser on the other machine, the one with FMS installed. Do you get errors? If all goes well then the chances are you do have FMS installed on both machines. When the second machine is on the same network each will detect another installation. FMS is not the same as an app. I'm not sure how to uninstall it but it isn't as simple as dragging an app to the trash.

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                 Hi Rick -

                 At risk of showing my Luddite-ness, I can't figure out how to reply, so I'm posting this as "another answer.  Your proposed solution was BRILLIANT!! You are now my new best friend (sorry about that!).




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                   That fixed my issue as well. My test server was still running on my laptop. I quit that, then restarted the FileMaker Server 13. Now all is well.