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Installing FM Server 10 -- Remove FM 7 First?

Question asked by mberding on May 6, 2009
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Installing FM Server 10 -- Remove FM 7 First?

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I'm attempting to install the Worker component of a multi-computer FM Server installation, and I'm getting the error:


FileMaker Server 7 is installed.  To upgrade to version 10, follow the instructions in the Getting Started Guide.


Problem 1: FileMaker Server 7 was never installed. I had a previous installation of FM Server 10, which I uninstalled, perhaps it left something behind?


Problem 2: There are no instructions on how to upgrade from FM 7 Server in the upgrade guide.


Problem 3: When I attempt to run the uninstaller, it complains that I don't have permissions.  "You do not have enough access privileges for this installation."


So, how do I get FM Server 10 Worker component installed?  There must be a file somewhere that needs to get deleted, but of course I don't know where it is.