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    Installing FM server 13 "Error creating user"



      Installing FM server 13 "Error creating user"

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      I am new to FM server - actually trying to install the trial version on a Mac mini. It runs the installation, and towards the end, I get an "error creating user" message, and the installation goes back to step 1. I have tried redownloading the installer, installing using different user accounts, including one account with administrator privileges that I set up just for FM. I get the same error every time. Any suggestion?

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          Bruno Pypendop: 


          Thank you for the post. 


          This error usually indicates one of two issues:


          1. Migration Assistant brought over an FM Server user account from a previous FileMaker Server installation.




          2. One of the accounts on this computer is already named FM Server.


          The resolution to both of these is the same:


          1. Log into a user NOT called FM Server.

          2. Run the following command in Terminal:


          sudo dscl . -delete /Users/fmserver


          Afterwards, reinstall FileMaker Server 13 and the user will be created during the installation. 



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