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Installing Server on Lion

Question asked by StephenMyers on Sep 3, 2011
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Installing Server on Lion

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I am having real problems with Filemaker Server 11 on Lion on my mac. When I upgraded to Lion the server no longer appeared when look for in Filemaker. I downloaded the 11.03 update but it said that there were no versions to update. I tried to re install version 11 from my original download only to be told that there was a more up to date version on the computer. I uninstalled that using and tried to re-install version 11. Now it tells me that there is an error creating a folder 1008:9, -5000 Access denied. I am logged in as an administrator and can not get any further. I have made sure that I can access all the folders on the computer with read and write authority. This happens when tying to install favion.ico. I have deleted my previous folder of filemaker server in the library folder on the hard drive. I am now at a loss as to what to do. I can not find the installer for Server 11 version 11.03 on the web site but only the updater which will now not work as there is no version of the server installed at all.