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Instant Web Publishing Configuration - FM Server 8

Question asked by LarryChaney on Apr 14, 2011


Instant Web Publishing Configuration - FM Server 8

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We were running FM8 server on a 10.4.11 Macintosh computer, and the hard drive crashed over the weekend.  I had made an image of that computer a couple months ago and had current nightly backups of the databases.  I restored the image onto another 10.4.11 Macintosh computer (a different model) and copied all the current databases back to the same location on the new computer.

We can open all the databases using FileMaker Pro 8.5, but the Instant Web Publishing stopped working properly.  We had links on our school district website on a different computer that pointed to the FM8 server that look like this:

I don't quite understand how that could ever provide enough information to tell it which database to connect to, but that's what it was before the crash and it worked, so I didn't give it any more thought.

However, those links didn't work after the crash - instead they went to the Instant Web Publishing page on the FM8 server that lists all the databases, and then you have to select the database you want.

So I changed one of the links to go to a specific database:

Then it did go to the login page of the PDC database - which is what it used to do using the old link.  However, I noticed that the URL changed to

So, even though I can change the links on the school district website to get to the correct database, when we exit the database, it doesn't return to the calling page the way it should - it returns to the IWP list of databases.  Anyone know how I can fix that?