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Instant Web publishing help - Am I missing something?

Question asked by AVanston on Jan 24, 2011
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Instant Web publishing help - Am I missing something?

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Hi ,

I am running a client server network for file maker server 11 that stores of course the file son a main server and the clients access them etc. we are expanding onto the internet so we may have other clients access these applications, using instant web publishing. Now reading through (some very poor ) help files regarding setting up IWP I am currently stuck and need some help.

These help files reference the “Instant web publishing engine” and in the help file I am reading (could only find a set-up help for File maker Server 7) it says that’s this engine if not installed is located in Filemaker->File maker Server-> Web publishing.  Now after looking on the server I am not able to locate this file to install it so I may IWP. Can anyone lend me some help in regards to setting up IWP or where I may locate this file to install the engine?

If this helps the setup typography for this instant web publishing is to have a local server to host the Files/applications and a second machine to host/access them via the net via PHP publishing etc.