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Instant Web Publishing Options Greyed Out After Changes

Question asked by ChadS on Aug 18, 2009
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Instant Web Publishing Options Greyed Out After Changes

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We recently made a change to the IWP session timeout on two of our FileMaker Server Advanced 10 systems.  After increasing the timeout value from 20 to 60 minutes, we selected Save and the system seemed to accept the change and resume regular operation.


However, when we returned back to the same tab all options are not greyed out.  The system seems to be running fine, but we needed to restart the FileMaker service before the options became available for editing again.  Has anyone else encountered this issue or know of a less intrusive way of fixing it?  Thanks!


We are running the server on Windows Server 2003.


NOTE: we restarted the FileMaker database on the development server and the panel was restored to normal; however, we don't want to kick the production users off with a DB restart if at all possible.