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    Instant Web Publishing-2 Issues w FMServer12 Adv



      Instant Web Publishing-2 Issues w FMServer12 Adv

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           First, when I open databases through Instant Web Publishing (through my browser), I can open them but I get an error message if the layout was created with the newer themes. Error message says layout doesn't use "classic" theme. Is this really a design limitation or do I have something set incorrectly? Same message appears when I try through regular FM Pro 12 sharing, and I thought maybe Server was a way around this.

           Second issue: in setting up the trial of FM Server 12 Advanced, there was an error message saying that port 80 was already in use and Instant Web Publishing couldn't use it (or the Apache Server couldn't use it--sorry, it was a while ago). I have been able to see the files on my desktop when I test by going to the IP address, but I can't get to the address from FileMaker Go on my iPad or iPhone. Can I change the server program to use a different port, since I think http uses port 80?

           Thanks for any help--Vicky

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               Vicky Nuttall:

               Thank you for the post.

               To use Instant Web Publishing the database file must have all layouts in the classic theme. A theme is applied by default to a newly created database and any layouts added, so if even a single layout contains a theme, then an error message will be recieved when trying access through the browser. Switching all layouts into the classic theme will allow for the database to Instant Web Publish.

               FileMaker Go on the iPad connects over FileMaker's registered default network sharing port, 5003. To setup FileMaker's Network Sharing follow the steps outlined here:


               If you have any additional questions, please let me know.

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