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      Instant Web Publising & ASP - Printing Workaround?

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      Hi there:

      I've noticed that most of the posts on here regarding ASP and Filemaker are about using Filemaker as a backend for a website.  I have something different in mind and need some advice.

      I'm trying to find a way to print reports designed in list view in IWP.  Yes, custom web publising would have been better, but they didn't have the budget.  So, I'm wondering if we designed a few standard web pages for reports and stashed them in the root, if I could use the "open URL" script step to pass parameters for a specific found set of records to the stored template which would display a printer friendly pop-up.

      Also, all of the articles that reference ASP and Filemaker seem to be for data entry and for desktop configuration.  Can a connection between the two be done at the server level?  It's only needed for the IWP users.

      Thoughts?  Or any other suggestions?  There has to be a way...

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          Why not just have a script that changes layout to a "printer friendly" layout and then perform a find for the desired records? Wouldn't that accomplish the same thing for you?

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            Unfortunatley not for the instant web publishing users.  When you use instant web publishing users are restricted to "browser level" printing.  This means that they can only print what is currently on the screen.  So if you have a report designed in "list view" with a found count greater than 25, you can only print the first page of the report.

            So I'm trying to find a way around this printing issue.  What do you think?

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              I thought that might be the case, but wanted to be sure. What's unclear to me is what kind of "Printer friendly" layout will even be possible here.

              Perhaps, if the data is static, you could link to a PDF of the data. If it's not, then I don't see a way to do this in IWP--but IWP is something for which my experience is limited.

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                That's why I'm inquiring about the ASP to Filemaker connection.  If I have a web designer knock out some stand alone web pages that I then store in the web root of the server, I think I can call the external pages from IWP using the "open url" script step. 

                This would pass the parameters of the found set to the external page via ODBC.  The idea is to push the data to an external page which would allow for printing.  But all the articles that I've seen about this are old and at the desktop level with a Filemaker remote access plugin.  I'm wondering if this can be done at the server level.

                Trying to get some sort of feedback before I go out and hire a web designer to draft test pages.  If it can't happen, no point in wasting a project deposit.

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                  I almost posted "but you can't pass the found set in Open URL", but then I remembered a section of the Filemaker Training Series that describes using a Web Viewer to create a table of data as a single page "cross tab" report. Since that URL type code can push data to the web viewer, it looks, in theory like you might be able to do this with Open URL.