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Integration: Use of Symbolic URL

Question asked by MirandaD'Hooghe on Sep 9, 2013


Integration: Use of Symbolic URL

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     I want to setup an easy integration with another application and keep the filemaker look and feel. From the other application I have a specific number and I want that Filemaker just opens that record with the same number. I first tried the Instant web publishing but I cannot pass the number by the url. (http://filemaker/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=TEST&-loadframes) where filemaker is the server and TEST the database name. Is there a way to open a specific record with a symbolic URL or so? Or do I need to setup the custom web publishing and If yes, what is the easiest way to do so? Setup XML, PHP? Any advice should be nice because I’m quite new to the FileMaker Pro Web Publishing.