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Invalid backup destination

Question asked by dbrowdy on Apr 23, 2009
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Invalid backup destination

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Okay here's a weird one.  I installed FMS 10 last night on my Win 2k3 SBS machine.  After uninstalling Sharepoint, everything went smoothly.  I uploaded my database to the server and then seup a backup.  The backup ran fine when I forced it.  When it was time to run the scheduled backup, it failed giving me this error: 


"Schedule "BN Daily Backup" aborted; unexpected error. (11)"

"Backup aborted. Invalid backup destination: "filewin:/e:/vol1/FileMaker/Data/Backups/"."


The odd thing about this error is that I ran the backup once already to this location and it worked fine.  Now I try and it doesn't work.  I forced it again and same error.  I created a new backup schedule and forced it and same error.


The one thing that changed that I can think of is that I originally had the database on the C: drive in the default location.  However, once I discovered that I could have the db on the E: drive, I moved it there instead.  I may have run the original backup with the db on the C: drive, but I can't say for certain.


Can anyone help with this?  I'm not sure why it would work once and then stop.  Oh and I checked and there's plenty of free space on the E: drive.





EDIT - Oh and for reference, the FM db is stored in "filewin:/e:/vol1/FileMaker/Data/" and the backup is ina subdirectory of that folder, as shown above.