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Invalid Path for Additional Databases

Question asked by JamesonJendreas on Nov 22, 2010
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Invalid Path for Additional Databases

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Got an odd one here -  I am attempting to upload a backup database, and when I try to I get

"One or more of destination folders does not have enough space or does not exist"

This is installed on a Windows Server 2003 box.  In the admin consoel, if I go to Configuration\Database Server\Default Folders, and look at the "Additional Databases" we have "filewin/D:/Databases/" and the dialog says this is not a valid path.  This is where all our DB's live and they all work just fine (the path does in fact exist).  We do not have any fmserver or the like users setup in our domain so I'm not too sure how the security is supposed to be setup (I'm fairly new).  but I am logged in as a user with local admin, and have no issues creating\deleting\accessing the folder in question

Any Suggestions?