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iPhone connection to FileMaker 10 Server "issue".

Question asked by MichaelDG on May 15, 2009
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iPhone connection to FileMaker 10 Server "issue".

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I am running FileMaker Server 10 (not Advanced) on our new Xserve running Mac OS X Server 10.5.6. 


I am running several company databases that we access just on our intranet. Fine.


I used the PHP Site Assistant to publish a database to the web. Internally I go to, let's say, Everything works.


Here's the tickler. The Xserve is not the machine that publishes our company web site.  Let's say that that machine is internally In our firewall/router I have forwarded all http traffic at port 80 to this machine (.1). Also on that machine is our FTP server. Also port forwarded. So how can I serve up that php page?


My idea was to change the port on the Filemaker Xserve machine to 8080.  And then forward all tcp port 8080 traffic to the Xserve. This actually works for me. If I go to http://our url:8080/ I get the web page served by the Xserves apache default page, not our company web page on the other server. So I know I'm at the right machine.

But when I go to the http://our url:8080/MySite/home.php the filemaker page shows up but I get "Error 7. Running out of Memory." 


The odd thing is that, if I test this internally going to, I get the same message.  BUT!  If I change the port on the server  back to 80  and go in I do NOT get the error and the database is served up wonderfully.  


So, what is the deal with just changing the port. Or what am I missing.