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Is FileMaker server advanced 10.0v2 compatible with PHP 5.3.0?

Question asked by simonbirve on Nov 9, 2009
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Is FileMaker server advanced 10.0v2 compatible with PHP 5.3.0?

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Hi. As you see, my question is if FileMaker server Advanced 10.0.v2 is compatible with PHP 5.2.0

I run an Xserver with Snow Leopard. I have version 10.0.v2 of Filemaker server.

I have deployed the server installation at first with the built in PHP version (PHP 5.2.9)

Due to poor GD support (not compiled with freetext support, i need it for capchas images) i have recompiled PHP 5.3.0 with appopriate compile flags. The compiled php woorks fine for everything else exept running filemaker PHP API.

I have turn off PHP's deprecation warnings (via E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED) to get rid off deprecated error messages PHP API crashes httpd when running under PHP 5.3.0 (Snow Leopard)


I have put the filemaker API in the php.ini configured path ( /usr/lib/php ) as FileMaker INC recommend.

I also have removed all the # in the httpd.conf that filemaker inserted at installation and i have commented out all the extra lines of code that links to the filemaker php version ( /Library/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing-engine/php/lib/php)


I only get blank pages when loading myhp scripts. No error messages.

It looks as the filemaker API is not loaded.

I also tried to put the Filemaker API in the folder containing the scripts i made for connect to my filemaker database with the same result.


Does anybody have an ansver for this problem?