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Is port 443 the only problem?

Question asked by plbcms on Aug 4, 2014
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Is port 443 the only problem?

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     I have installed FileMaker 13.0.3 Server on Windows Server 2012 (datacenter) and I am running into some problems.


     The installation went fine and reported no problems but:

  1.           Accessing the box locally or remotely, I cannot open either the start page or the test page from the admin console;
  3.           From a client copy of FileMaker 13 Adv. running on my Mac, I can open the sample database that comes with server BUT I did have to add an inbound rule to the windows firewall opening port 5003 before this would work—so obviously the FMS installation process did not go completely without at least 1 silent error;
  5.           When I try to upload a file to the server via sharing, I get a Connection Failed error.  According the documentation this is caused by port 443 being inaccessible on the server (or because nothing is listening to it). I port scanned the box and 443 is not responding; I looked in the windows firewall and the default rule for 443 (https traffic) is enabled; I temporarily turned off the win firewall and still could not connect (which makes me wonder if nothing is actually listening on port 443); I ran netstat and it shows 443 as an open port on (with PID 4, the system) but when I run TCPView it reports it as blocked.  I even double-checked that the FileMaker server web app is properly bound to 443 in IIS AND reinstalled everything and still no luck.


     At this point I am out of ideas. Has anyone else run into this problem? Can any one help?