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isolated, multiple databases on FM Server?

Question asked by DenisBrown on Jan 18, 2011
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isolated, multiple databases on FM Server?

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Hello Forum members,

Newbie question and I have looked through many Forum posts without resolving my specific query...

We have FM Server (version 11) hosting a database for "Department X"

"Department Y" would now like to move their workstation-based FM database to the server environment.

We need isolation between the databases for Dept X and Dept Y.

Dept X and Dept Y are both in the same (educational) institution and FM Server is appropriately licensed.

Are we able to host both Dept X and Dept Y's databases and maintain isolation between the two at a security level?   The databases will never need to be merged or contribute data to a common project.   But users in Dept X need to know that Dept Y people will never be able to access their data.   Same for Dept Y

Do I need the Advanced version to achieve this?   And / or do I need multiple copies of FM Server to achieve the above?   The forum posts that I have seen appear to relate to the cases where it is desired to share information across databases - i.e. merging data.

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