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    Issue installing Server on Windows 2012 R2



      Issue installing Server on Windows 2012 R2

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      I'm having a bit of an issue installing server on a windows 2012 R2 box. I get past the license entry but it tells me the ports (50003, 50004 and 80) are already in use. I did a netstat and it says they are being used by the dns.exe. Has anyone else run into this issue? I already have all of the ports forwarded through our firewall. Any ideas you might have would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

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          You may want to verify you are deploying FileMaker Server 14 on an ideal environment. This version of the software is tested on Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard with a specific update installed. You may check system requirements and the Windows update here.


          Make sure you are also following the steps in the Getting Started Guide for installation and deployment.


          For information on Ports used by FileMaker Server 14, see Knowledge Base Article #14402.


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            I just ran into this with a client and a "clean" Windows 2012.


            IIS was running, even though they said it wasn't - just turn it off to free up port 80.


            DNS will reserve ports 49152-65535, so exclude the FileMaker Server ports with this command line command:


            dnscmd /Config /SocketPoolExcludedPortRanges 50003-50004



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