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Issue with ODBC on Server-Hosted File

Question asked by TimothyBull on Dec 19, 2013
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Issue with ODBC on Server-Hosted File

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     Good afternoon, everyone.  I know everyone says this, but I am somewhat new to FM.  I'm mainly a SQL-guy.  So, here's my situation.  We have a FM12 file that we created and are hosting on FM 12 Server.  I have ODBC correctly set up on the server end that I have then set up as an external data source in FM. It runs fine.  I can access any of my shadow tables via ESS table relationships.  My problem lies in the creation of 'Execute SQL' script steps.  When I had the file hosted on my local PC, I had ODBC set up locally, which was allowing these steps to occur.  Now that I have moved the file to the server, when I go to External Data Sources, I can see the server-side ODBC connection.  When I try to create an 'Execute SQL' script step, I can only see my "locally-hosted" ODBC connections.  Is there something that I am doing incorrectly? 

     I am developing for a mid-sized company, with the potential for a large number of users, so I would ~hate~ to have to create ODBC connections on each user's local PC, when they are connecting to my file via the server.  Is this the case for 'Execute SQL'? 

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.