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Issue with the Picture Container and Printing ID CARDS

Question asked by photowyzard on Aug 26, 2013


Issue with the Picture Container and Printing ID CARDS

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     We have had an interesting problem arise after doing a Server Upgrade from 11 to 12.  Can someone provide some insight or let us know if you have had a similar issues.


     We have the following:


     Employee Template on the Server that Prints employee ID cards at the Workstation using the template.

     - under Filemaker 11, no issues printing

     - all images in the Containers, regardless of sized, printed without issue.


     We upgraded to FMP12

     Images over 3 mb would not print properly. All images over 3mb had blue ink splotches on the ID cards.

     => All images under 3 mb printed properly.


     We run:

     Windows XP

     Use Evolis Pebble 4 Card Printer

     and a Polaroid 3500S Card Printer


     We changed printers, drivers and tested the images in other programs. The only time we had a printing issue was when we were running the Filemaker Template to Print ID CARDS. We tested the images in other programs and they printed fine.

     We created a sample template, independant of the working file, same issue with the images.


     We tested the FM ID print template on a Xerox Network Laser and it printed the larger than 3mb files with the same issue.

     There are no issues technically with the file sizes.  The printer manufacturers stated the printers and/or the buffers on the printers are not limited, per say, to file size and they are more than capable of printing very large image files.  Filemaker is also more than capable of handling 5-10mb image files, in fact, you can store 2gb files in a container.

     All fingers seem to point to Filemaker.  Does anyone have any idea what this issue may be or has anyone experienced this same problem?  Is it possible the upgrade defaulted to a set, fixed container size for an image.  Why the 3mb barrier?

     Is there a FIX to this?