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    Issues with Rendering the IWP html in IE



      Issues with Rendering the IWP html in IE

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      Hey everyone,


      I have a huge problem where all of the sudden our Server does not want to render the web pages correctly in IE8.  I checked a couple different browsers and they work fine.  It seems to be ok at first,  then as you click through layouts it acts like it doesn't want to read the HTML or reads it different. I have no idea what could be going on and any direction to find would be great



      I'm on Server 10 advanced and FMP pro 10 advanced...

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          some wild, wild guessing...

          go to internetoptions, extended and click on reset, or reset extended settings. Try this AT YOUR OWN RISK, i didn´t test it..


          second wild guess...

          somewhere there was a tool that changes the browser identification string. Try this page with an IE that works, and with the IE that does not work. Is the UserAgent different? If yes, reset it to default.


          greetings from germany