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IWP "database not available"

Question asked by ADGADG on Apr 27, 2012
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IWP "database not available"

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I have a Windows 7 Box. ( I actually had it working perfectly and the designer of the database did something). It is running FM Pro 11 Advanced Server. I am running IIS. Everything appears to be working. I am using IWP on FM Pro Advanced server. When I go to the web page for the I see all the databases. When I click on the same database or the database that was created it get the error "database not available". Like I said all was working and now is back to that message. I have uninstalled IIS and removed the inetpub directory. Removed FMPro server. Reinstalled IIS on the Win 7 machine with all components. Renistalled FM Pro ASdvanced server.. let it do its thing... No luck... It is getting beyond annoying!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.