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IWP - Mountain Lion vs. Snow Leopard - FM 12v4/FM 12v3

Question asked by ZoXo on Apr 19, 2013
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IWP - Mountain Lion vs. Snow Leopard - FM 12v4/FM 12v3

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     The particulars:

     Troi_URL plugin to call a URL via IWP

     Works great on 10.6.8 12v3, but have not tested this via HTTPS

     Worked for a bit on 10.8.3 12v3 > updated to 12v4 ( IWP crashing through both ) using HTTPS, then

     something changed, and it refuses to work.  Brought it back to 10.6.8 via HTTP and it works great again.

     What am I missing about HTTPS?

     The webserver has a certificate, and port 443 is open, port 591 was used as well and did seem to work.

     I don't have a strong understanding of how Mac OS Server should be configured for HTTPS and how the

     websites should work.  I have some PHP in a website that is named using the Static IP address, and FileMaker

     does XML imports via this IP, also via HTTPS.  The domain name is another site, also HTTPS.

     If I pause right before the TROI_URL step (I'm also using the cookies step for Mac OS)

     and run the PHP from a browser ( it's set to grab a queued up records info ) the URL responds and

     I get confirmation, but with the plug-in it is timing out.  When I ran the PHP via the browswer, it did ask me to

     accept the certificate first, but I am using the AllowAnyRootCertificate parameter with TROI_URL, so

     I'm scratching my head here.

     Also tried to get it working via HTTP, and it still does not work.  The PHP response via a browser

     is instantaneous, but the TROI_URL keeps timing out ( max I set it to was 20 sec. )

     Calling the exact same script via FileMaker client is successful via HTTP, but

     HTTPS returns error $$-9843

     Thanks for your time.