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IWP / Instant Web Publishing Printing Issues

Question asked by AngelInternet on Nov 12, 2008
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IWP / Instant Web Publishing Printing Issues

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Hi All.


I am having trouble printing an IWP-generated page. I know that printing is down to the browser, but I am experiencing similar printing problems in different browsers and on different computers and networks, leading me to believe that it is something to do with how IWP is rendering the HTML.


I have a vertically long Form layout (running to about 3 A4 pages). Via IWP it displays exactly as it should, except when printing using the browser and also in the browser's Print Preview mode.


In IE7, most of the layout prints correctly except that a portal that should be visible over pages 2-3 is blank on page 2 before appearing part-way through on page 3.


In FireFox 3, page 1 of the layout prints correctly then pages 2-3 are completely blank until the Footer Part.


Any help will be much appreciated!