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IWP and Streaming Quicktime

Question asked by JeffMyers on Jan 6, 2011
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IWP and Streaming Quicktime

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Hey all,


Windows server 2003

Upgrading to FM Server 9. Adv

IWP up and running

I have loaded the quittime .mov files in to Inetpub/wwwroot/web and the file still cannot be be found when selected in remote access or when broadcast to the internet via IWP.


Can anyone recommend a directory I should use?

I am running FM server advanced 8.0 and am using IWP to host our web site.  I want to add streaming Quicktime video references for our clients to review.

We created a test database on the filemaker server,  loaded the quicktime movies into the container fileds and had success lstreaming the videos when connecting to the server via remote access.  When we access the site via web address  streaming feature does not work.  I suspect IWP is not streaming the video.

Is there a solution to add Quicktime movie streaming to our web site with IWP?