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    IWP date format



      IWP date format

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      Hello, I'm using IWP to share a database between Sydney and New York. How do I get the date format to be unqiue between the two. It doesn't support system formats. I think I will have to make some calculation fields and use their login to fix the dates. There must be an easier way.


      eg dd/mm/yyy to mm/dd/yyyy





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          Hi Michael,

          no chance. When creating a filemaker database, the current date and number format of your os will be fixed into your .fp7. Only recreating the fp7 can change this (making an empty copy will be recreating).


          So your iwp solution has to format the user-dependent date format for itself.


          (anybody who knows better, please post!)


          greetings from germany


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               Hmmm, I thought it was related to the machine it is located on like "Setting System Formats" which is supported in the FileMaker client but not the IWP by the looks of it.