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IWP home page problem

Question asked by CDCASA on Feb 29, 2012


IWP home page problem

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I was trying to create a custom home page my databases being hosted by FileMaker Server Advanced and when reading through other posts I found two locations where I think I am supposed to put the html file for the custom home page so I did so. I tried putting my file called iwp_home.html in the following locations on my Windows computer:

D:/Program Files (x86)/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/publishing engine/wpc/Resources/iwpres

and in

D:/Program Files (x86)/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Web Publishing/IWP

but it did not work when I put in in either place. I found the original default file and two other files that come with FileMaker Server that were called iwp_home and I renamed it to something else and put my file as iwp_home.html to try to reroute it this way but my file still didn't work. I then renamed the original files back to iwp_home and I had to restart all programs and my computer but it finally went back to the default page so at least my database can be accessed. Now I still have the issue that it is not rerouting to my custom homepage, please help!