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IWP Max Capacity

Question asked by JesseMatz on Sep 1, 2011
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IWP Max Capacity

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I'm in the process of starting up a mutli-company server (well want to) for others to access my template of their specific profession and have their own database in my server through IWP. I'm actually looking into for their templates for less activity on IWP access with Mobile Devices. 



I know Filemaker Server 11 Advanced can have 999+ users but I see IWP only supports up to 100 simultaneous web connections - is this because of the server itself or was this a simple guideline that can be surpassed by hardware and internet connection if optimizied correctly? I know I might be looking at the ceiling too early in a project but this is somewhat of a huge concern of mine. I can't have potential recurring customers subscribing/trialing my database and telling them they must have filemaker pro 11 as well.