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IWP open Files don't show in IWP sharing Box

Question asked by nikosmanias on Nov 2, 2010


IWP open Files don't show in IWP sharing Box

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Here's my setup

Host :Win Server 2003 SP2 with FM Server 11 advanced with IWP enabled Web Browser running OK.

Guest:Win XP-SP3 machine with FM pro 11 advanced.

When I open a file with FM pro from the Guest via remote dialog it opens OK. I go to: File> Manage> Security> allow IWP in the settings"extended privileges".

Then I go to: File> Share> Instant Web Publishing and the dialog Box of IWP opens.  On the lower left part of the IWP pane, the Currently open file should be listed .

In my case there is no file listed but, when I enable the IWP radio button and close the dialog box, the 
file is added to the Web Browser home page.

One info that might help. All my DB was prepared on a Mac OSX and then uploaded on the win Server, can that be a cause?

A clear reply or explanation is Welcome.

Thanks to All of you out There.