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    IWP usage counter



      IWP usage counter

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      I would like to know how many times users access the database from IWP.  I am sure management will eventually ask the question!

      I am familiar with access.log however it tracks every step through the process and one session could have hundreds of lines making it useless for a session counter.  Any advice.

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          You can use File Options to set a script to run each time the file is opened.

          The Get ( ApplicationVersion ) can be used in this script to identify web clients.

          Thus, this script can check to see if the file was opened by a web client and can then create a record in a log table storing whatever info you decide is relevant such as the account name, date, time etc.

          You can the produce an access log report from within FileMaker using a layout based on this table.

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                 Is there a way to do a web traffic counter withough writing a filemaker script? Stat-counter generates an html code you are supposed to be able to plug right into the code of the site but I can't seem to figure out how to do that for instant web publishing? I could use google analytics and just have it track the site url but I've heard that isn't as accurate.

                 Does anyone know if there is a more accurate counter that doesn't require html coding, or how to plug the html generated code into the filemaker webpage?