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IWP users get 'database unavailable' error periodically, at login

Question asked by disabled_JustinClose on Jul 11, 2012
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IWP users get 'database unavailable' error periodically, at login

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I thought I had already made a posting about this, but I can't find it...

Using FMS 12, on Max OS X Lion server.

We have an issue where IWP users will periodically get the error "Database Unvailable" when trying to log in.  If they keep trying the error goes away in < 30 seconds.  I don't have a bunch of data points on which to build an accurate model, unfortunately, because it is intermittent, and because our IWP users aren't logging in on a very regular basis.  This error doesn't come up for client users.  This error seems to come up at least on an hourly schedule, but I think that I have also run into it on the 30 minute mark as well.  We DO have an hourly backup schedule running...

Curiously, when this error happens and you clear the message, it drops you back to the 'Database Homepage' screen.  This is the screen that FMS generates dynamically that lists your available databases.  According to the documentation this is supposed to prevent users from trying to log into a DB that ISN'T available by only showing them the ones that are.  However, the DB in question DOES show up on this list.  If they click the link for that DB again, it again gives them the "unavailable" error.  You can keep going in this circle until whatever is locking it out expires and it does let you in.  (You don't have to provide additional login credentials, assuming that you entered them correctly the first time.  It appears to remember your login even though it never actually let you in.)

Does anyone have ideas on where to look and how to track down what the conflict might be?  Or any ideas about what is causing the problem?