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IWP using filemaker server and printing to pdf?

Question asked by VFairbanks on Apr 27, 2009


IWP using filemaker server and printing to pdf?

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I love filemaker; have used it sense filemaker 3. We have filemaker server 8; advanced and dish data out through the instant web publishing on our internal intranet. Staff love it; however. I am stumped.


We have forms that we would like to print to a pdf format, as the Internet explorer forms of the instant web publishing have navigation and address data show up.


I need help here on how to create the forms through IWP to look like forms. We do have adobe pdf creator; I just don't know how to through the web make it happen. I am a basic html person; don't know php..but I could learn. I am hoping there is an easy solution or code call.? Thanks